A New Handbook of Literary Terms
Literary Studies

A New Handbook of Literary Terms

  • David Mikics


"It is aimed at a spread of abilities, and manages to be all things to all readers.  I found it good to read—as enjoyable as any theoretical manuscript I've read.”—Alastair Fowler, University of Edinburgh 

"A very learned and refreshingly lively handbook."—Ian Balfour, York University 

"Impressive in its range, lucidity, and intellectual rigor. . . . The volume moves deftly through the centuries and across boundaries of nation and genre. I have no doubt that students will benefit from the book, which is at once a useful work of reference and an invitation to browse."—Michael Levenson, University of Virginia

"Mikics's Handbook contextualizes historically even as it conceptualizes—that is, in glossing a particular term, the author provides an historical account of its uses.  I intend to recommend it noisily."—John Hollander 

"Very few books give much more than they promise. Mikics's New Handbook is superbly generous in offering vast stores of insight and information. It is an exuberant introduction to all of Western literature and criticism."—Harold Bloom  

"Offering more commentary than that found in standard literary dictionaries, this portable, easily read, abridged literary dictionary restricts its selections to those terms that Mikics believes are 'crucial' for students to know. . . . Recommended for public and academic libraries."—Library Journal

‘If you have forgotten the form of a sestina or a ghazal, or can’t quite remember what vorticism was supposed to be, this book will do the trick: a confidently historicizing, impressively synoptic compilation of the major ideas and forms over the last 2,500 years or so of literature and criticism.’---The Guardian