Rereading Frederick Jackson Turner - Turner, Frederick; Faragher, John Mack - Yale University Press


Rereading Frederick Jackson Turner

"The Significance of the Frontier in American History" and Other Essays

  • Frederick Jackson Turner; Commentary by John Mack Faragher
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“The best assembly of Turner’s essays now available. Faragher’s introductory and concluding commentaries add considerably to the import of the book.”—Stephen Aron, University of California, Los Angeles


“Still ranks as the most influential piece of writing on American history.”—Carlin Romano, Philadelphia Inquirer, A Notable Book of 1994


“Faragher’s invaluable afterword . . . provides a judicious introduction to the issues that divide the revisionist New Western Historians from Turner and his disciples.”—Michael Kammen, FanFare


Frederick Jackson Turner is often considered to be the most influential American historian of the century, and his views continue to shape the controversial field of Western American history. In this book, John Mack Faragher introduces and comments on ten of Turner’s most significant essays, concluding with a comment on the recent debate over Turner’s legacy and his effect on Americans’ understanding of their national character.

John Mack Faragher is the Arthur Unobskey Professor of American History at Yale University. He is the author of Women and Men on the Overland Trail and Sugar Creek: Life on the Illinois Prairie, both published by Yale University Press. 

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