The Origin and Evolution of Birds - Feduccia, Alan - Yale University Press
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The Origin and Evolution of Birds

  • Alan Feduccia
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Winner of the 1996 Professional/Scholarly Publishing Division award for excellence in biological science, given by the Association of American Publishers

This monumental book is a comprehensive and profusely illustrated exploration of all that is known about the origin of birds and of avian flight. Alan Feduccia, a leading ornithologist and evolutionary biologist, draws on fossil evidence and studies of the structure and biochemistry of living birds to present current knowledge and fresh data on avian evolution and to propose a major new model of this evolutionary process. This new edition of the book includes an updated analysis of the latest discoveries and literature pertaining to bird origins, "feathered dinosaurs," and bird evolution’s "Big Bang."

"A truly monumental contribution to the paleontological and ornithological literature. This book’s impact on investigations of avian evolution will be felt for years to come."—John Ruben, BioScience

"An authoritative book."—John Noble Wilford, New York Times

"A superb review of avian evolution. . . . What is perhaps most important in this volume is the extremely detailed and thoughtful analysis of all the still-raging major controversies relating to the ancestry and classification of birds. . . . There is no other volume in existence that presents our knowledge on this subject as completely and expertly. . . . This volume is the foundation from which all future investigations of avian relationships will start."—Ernst Mayr, American Zoologist

"Feduccia writes with verve, humor, intelligence and understanding. . . . I would recommend this book to students of any stripe interested in vertebrate evolution, birds, fossils, and dinosaurs."—Alan Brush, American Journal of Science

"The most important single-authored volume on the subject since Gerhard Heilman’s 1926 opus, and probably will wind up being the most controversial, most reviewed paleontological work of the decade."—Larry Witmer, Science

"For anyone interested in feathered dinosaurs, feathered crocodiles or just plain birds, Feduccia’s book is a must."—Douglas Palmer, New Scientist

Alan Feduccia is S. K. Heninger Professor, department of biology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Alan Feduccia is S.K. Heninger Professor, department of biology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He is the author of numerous books.

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Updated with new references and new chapter 9.