Redesigning the American Lawn - Bormann, F. Herbert; Balmori, Diana; Geballe, Gordon T.; Vernegaard, Lisa - Yale University Press
  • Jun 10, 2001
    192 p., 7 x 10
    50 b/w + 45 color illus.
    ISBN: 9780300086942
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Art and Architecture

Redesigning the American Lawn

A Search for Environmental Harmony, Second Edition

  • F. Herbert Bormann, Diana Balmori, and Gordon T. Geballe
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Co-winner of the 1993 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, administered by the University of Southern California

Winner of the Blue Planet Prize from the Japanese Asahi Glass Foundation

The authors in this book argue that our dedication to maintaining beautiful lawns is contributing to the serious environmental problems facing the planet, and they offer strategies for creating and caring for aesthetically pleasing and ecologically sound lawns. This new edition updates the original text and adds a chapter and illustrations showing what progress has been made in the ecological management of landscapes over the past decade.

Reviews of the first edition:

“An extremely readable summation of the origins of the addiction to lawns, and of the environmental reasons why Americans should kick the habit.”—Anne Raver, New York Times Book Review

“A manual for improving a large part of the American environment while reducing pollution, saving Americans a large amount of money, and beautifying the landscape.”—Edward O. Wilson

F. Herbert Bormann, emeritus professor of forest ecology at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University, is co-recipient of the 1992 St. Francis Prize for the Environment, titled the "Canticle of All Creatures" award. Diana Balmori holds appointments as a lecturer in the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and as a critic in landscape, Yale University School of Architecture. She is also principal at Balmori Associates, Inc., New Haven, a landscape and urban design firm. Gordon T. Geballe is assistant dean and lecturer in forest microbiology at the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.