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The Passions of Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux
James David Draper and Edouard Papet; With Elena Carrara, Nadège Horner, Laure de Margerie, Jean-Claude Poinsignon, and Philip Ward-Jackson

Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux (1827­–1875) was an extraordinarily gifted sculptor—the greatest in 19th-century France before Rodin—and embodied the emotionally charged artistic climate of his era. The passionate Carpeaux comes alive in this handsome new publication. Carpeaux’s wrenching representations of human forms, shown in beautiful color details and illustrations, echo his turbulent personal life, fraught with episodes of violence and fatal illness.

The book covers the entire span of Carpeaux’s career, and includes the masterpiece Ugolino and His Sons, newly discovered drawings, and a number of rarely seen or studied works. Previously unpublished letters between Carpeaux and his family and friends, a wealth of archival material...

2014   376 pp.  350 color illus.   -   Cloth ISBN: 9780300204315  $65.00

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