The End of Byzantium

The End of Byzantium

  • Jonathan Harris


'Harris interrogates the evidence sensitively … showing how the realities of power in the Eastern Mediterranean rendered simple notions of patriotism and heroism irrelevant. … What Harris's lucid narrative demonstrates is that there was no clear East-West, Muslim-Christian split.' - Times Literary Supplement

“Harris offers plenty of serious scholarship, and a useful amount of background.”—John Hinton, Catholic Herald

"Lucid; extremely well written with an excellent array of quotes and spread of information."—Michael Angold, Reviews In History

"Harris is fully in command of this Islamic conquest and records a saga seething with treachery and avarice with rich political overtones and giant cannonades. Christendom is at flashpoint in this scholarly journey into a barbaric age."—Colin Gardner, Oxford Times

“A remarkable book, which offers numerous fresh insights and weaves a gripping and deeply moving story that constantly startles us with its newness, its originality, and its balance. Byzantines, Turks, Latins - Harris breathes new life into these long-dead characters and makes us understand both their choices and the circumstances that led them to make those choices. This is history as it should be written - an epic tale that rouses our imaginations and captures our sympathies as effectively as it explains and informs.” - Colin Wells, author of Sailing from Byzantium

"Jonathan Harris's new account of the fall of Constantinople in 1453 is a welcome and highly readable treatment of one of the most important events in world history. The author knows his sources inside out and his book is a fine work of scholarship. But he also handles his subject with narrative momentum and descriptive flair, and he never loses sight of the humanity involved in these twilight years of a once-great empire."—Norman Housley, author of Fighting for the Cross

Harris's book tells and oft-told tale in a fresh way. — Brian G. H. Ditcham, Gillingham, Kent, England