Bart Giamatti
  • Apr 04, 2007
    256 p., 5 1/2 x 8 1/4
    22/ b/w photos in 16-page gallery
    ISBN: 9780300121872
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Literary Studies
Social Science

Bart Giamatti

A Profile

  • Robert P. Moncreiff


“Bart Giamatti was a phenomenon who lived the lives of several men even though his own ended tragically early. It is a great treat to feel the pleasure of his passionate company once again, in its erudition, earthiness, fragility, high style, toughness, sadness, eloquence and ordered idealism. Robert Moncrieff has sketched an intriguing, shaded portrait of a imposing figure who was recognized by many but understood by few.”—Sean Wilentz, Princeton University   


"The collision between Bart Giamatti, former president of Yale and Commissioner of Baseball, and Pete Rose, manager of the Cincinnati Reds, was a significant event in American culture. Here Order confronted Hustle, the Puritan sense of law faced down the American Con Man. Rose still makes his case in the newspapers. Giamatti's case has at last been made by Robert Moncreiff 's new and revealing book, Bart Giamatti, A Profile."—Alvin Kernan



"This graceful biography provides profound insight into the connections between Bart Giamatti's scholarship and his compelling and sometimes controversial philosophy of  life and of higher education."—Gaddis Smith

"Bart Giammatti . . . focuses on the life and times of the former baseball commissioner. Vivid, touching . . . a highly worthwhile read."—Harvey Frommer, Harvey Frommer on Sports

"A judicious, informative book. . . . History will, I believe, judge this troubled but prodigiously talented figure more kindly than did his contemporaries and this measured, dispassionate book about him is a good start on that road."—Martin Rubin, Washington Times