Redeemed by Fire
  • Feb 23, 2010
    352 p., 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
    21 b/w illus.
    ISBN: 9780300123395
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Redeemed by Fire

The Rise of Popular Christianity in Modern China

  • Lian Xi


"Redeemed by Fire presents a fascinating and impressively wide-ranging account of China's modern Christian experience, which is all the more valuable for the author's shrewd observations about the religion's future impact in the emerging superpower.  Particularly striking are his rich descriptions of China's flourishing prophetic and popular movements."—Philip Jenkins, author of The Lost History of Christianity

"Lian Xi's book, an important contribution on a neglected subject, is the only in-depth study of popular, independent Chinese Christianity. He knows his Chinese history and philosophy and writes clearly with vivid and apt metaphors."—Jessie Lutz, author of Opening China: Karl F.A. Gutzlaff And Sino-western Relations, 1827-1852

"What scholars in the field of modern China studies will find in this book is a thorough, boldly conceived, well-executed, and frankly convincing argument and analysis, backed up by copious research and command of sources."—Daniel Bays, Calvin College

"Truly a landmark book. . . [a] must-read. . . written in an elegant style that makes it a pleasure to read. . . . Essential for understanding China today."--Daniel H. Bays, International Bulletin of Missionary Research

"A major contribution . . . a rich resource and compelling account . . . clear and convincing."—Dr. G. Wright Doyle, Christianity in China

"Important . . . very valuable."--David Lyle Jeffrey, Books and Culture

"Beautifully researched and sympathetically written . . . accessible and attractive . . . important and provocative . . . essential reading."—Henrietta Harrison, American Historical Review

"Succeeds wonderfully."—Philip Jenkins, Christian Century

“[A] remarkable book . . . essential reading.”—Christianity Today (2011 Christianity Today Book Award, Missions/Global Affairs category)

"This remarkable book, based on primary sources ,confirms and documents what is often not understood in the West: Indigenous Christianity in China was uniquely Chinese, millenarian, and frequently anti-foreign. This book is essential reading, providing a little foretaste of what the ecclesiastical, theological, and missiological future of the global church might look like."—Christianity Today

"Why has Protestantism grow at such an astonishing rate in China and what shape will it take in the future? With China now playing a major role on the world stage, these are important questions and anyone who wants to find an answer to them would be well advised to read this important book."—Paul Richardson, Church of England Newspaper

Chosen as one of the “Fifteen Outstanding Books of 2010 for Mission Studies” by the International Bulletin of Missionary Research

“Essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the burgeoning of Christianity in China today . . . [a] rich and subtle historical account.”—Richard Madsen, Journal of Asian Studies

"Redeemed by Fire is a timely, elegantly written study"—Simon Scott Plummer, Times Literary Supplement

“Redeemed by Fire eloquently expresses some of the spiritual and religious impulses that have brought millions of Chinese to faith in the salvation offered by Jesus Christ, and the complexities that emerge in a popular religious movement.”—Lawrence Braschi, Church Times

"Fascinating. . . . Lian's work excels. . . . [A] well-executed and detailed portrayal of the formation of Christianity as a Chinese religion. This engaging and provocative book would readily provoke stimulating discussion in many undergraduate classrooms."—Jeff Kyong-McClain, Journal of Church History

“This history hasn’t been told so authoritatively in a Western language before. Lian can range across Chinese sources with ease, even as he writes in cogent English prose.”—Ian Johnson, New York Review of Books