Flowers and Herbs of Early America

Flowers and Herbs of Early America

  • Lawrence D. Griffith; Photography by Barbara Temple Lombardi


"Mr. Griffith's knowledge is both scholarly and as practical as that of any gardener who has spent hours weeding on his hands and knees."—Anne Raver, New York Times

"Not only is this a useful work for the garden historian, historic gardener, and cottage gardener, but it has great relevance to twenty-first-century gardening."—Frank Robinson, Executive Director, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

"The more times I read this book, the more interesting it becomes."—Dean Norton, Director of Horticulture, Mount Vernon

"Gardeners enamored with heirloom seed collecting and what it tells us about our ancestors' gardens might enjoy Flowers and Herbs of Early America. . . . The book is a beautiful compendium of cottage garden flowers, many of which have medicinal properties and are easy to grow."—Anne Raver, New York Times (Favorite garden books of the year)

"Basically cottage garden plants from the New and Old worlds, they all have a humble honesty about them, drawn out in the lovely photographic portraits by Barbara Temple Lombardi. Some will be as familiar to us as our forebears . . . others remain delightfully novel. I can't wait to get seed of some of them to try myself."—Adrian Higgins, Washington Post

This book is a dazzling treat for armchair gardeners and for those who have visited and admired the famous gardens of Colonial Williamsburg. It is also an invaluable companion for 21st century gardeners who will appreciate the specific advice of a master gardener on how to plan, choose appropriate species for, and maintain a beautiful, historic flower and herb garden."—The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles

"As curator of plants at Colonial Williamsburg, Lawrence Griffith draws on years of archival research and field trials to inform the content of this magnificent book. The multilayers of information—inspirational gardening quotations, details on habit, tips for growing and period engravings, watercolors and woodcuts—provide provocative visual counterparts to the stunning photography by Barbara Temple Lombardi."—Patty Craft, Horticulture Magazine

"Georgeous photos, interesting plant discussions, practical cultivation advice, medical uses, and glimpses into plant history are all part of this coffee table book. . . . Looking for a luxurious gift for a gardener? This is my first choice. The photos are magical even for non-gardeners and the text is a joy to read. . . . All this and it looks good on the coffee table!"—Cheval Force Opp, Washington Gardener

"Gardeners will appreciate the advice provided on planting the seed, choosing appropriate species, and maintaining a beautiful period garden. . . . Recommended."—Choice

"Any gardener would love to have this book on his or her library shelf. . . . Early America never looked or read so first-class." —Anne K. Moore, GardenSMART