Design and Truth
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Design and Truth

  • Robert Grudin


“At a time when ethics and integrity are increasingly important in design, Grudin’s perspective is particularly interesting. . . . To him, design is--or should be--joyous, inclusive and empowering, ‘an erotic pragmatism’ which is ‘fundamental to the survival of our humanity.’ ”--Alice Rawsthorn, International Herald Tribune

“I love the way this book ranges widely.  The author’s mind is wonderfully free and his associations interesting and sometimes profound…a marvelous and interesting book.” —Jay Parini, author of The Last Station and Why Poetry Matters

"A delightful intellectual romp through the humanities— at times colloquial and frisky, at times scholarly and serious— all under the rubric of that focused passion called Design!" —Yi-Fu Tuan, University of Wisconsin

Design And Truth [is] a very good book. . . . It proves that the Golden Age of science and philosophic writing may not have yet crested. Get it, read it, and indulge the times.”

--Dan Schneider, Blogcritics.org


“A must-read book.”

--Qompendium Magazine, featured book

“Grudin's call for a moral design holds appeal, inasmuch as it claims that user-centered design is the only kind of design that keeps us honest.”--Mandy Brown, Barnes & Noble Review