The Event of Literature
Literary Studies

The Event of Literature

  • Terry Eagleton


“Written with his characteristic wit, verve and insight, The Event of Literature marks a new chapter in the developing thought of our pre-eminent literary theorist.”—London Review of Books

"In wry, thrifty prose, [Eagleton] surveys a range of theoretical positions in order to ponder a larger question about 'whether there really are such things as common natures in the world.' . . . A fascinating and often compelling expansion of Eagleton's oeuvre."—Publishers Weekly

“Throughout the book, Eagleton writes with his customary felicity (his aphorism, for example, on significant affinities in Wittgenstein’s theory of family resemblances, ‘a tortoise resembles orthopaedic surgery in that neither can ride a bicycle’, is a delight).”—Stuart Kelly, The Guardian

"The Event of Literature provides an engaging overview of the key questions regarding the nature of literature and of the various answers provided by literary theory."—Liana Giorgi, New York Journal of Books

“This guidebook, which steers us confidently through some of the thickets of literary theory, is of the companionable and clever variety…the skill of the writing is its cultivation of a kind of companionability, the relaxed but alert mood of an intelligence at ease into which Eagleton lulls you.”—Shahidha Bari, Times Higher Education