French in Action for Teachers
French in Action for Teachers
French in Action
A Beginning Course in Language and Culture

This web site is designed as a resource for teachers using French in Action, one of the most stimulating and successful French language learning programs ever. Here you will find lesson plans, tips for invigorating instruction, and suggestions for making the learning of French more topical and engaging.

Preparing your Lessons
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French in Action video program

The 52 half-hour programs available in DVD format are the core of the French in Action course. The video program is available only from the Annenberg/CPB Project. For more information on how to order the video program, contact the Annenberg/CPB Project at 1-800-LEARNER, or visit their web site at www.learner.org.
To receive an examination copy of any of the French in Action components, please fill out the examination copy order form
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