Exploring Happiness
From Aristotle to Brain Science

From the acclaimed author of Lying, a brilliant exploration of happiness set in the context of the world’s great philosophers, leaders, writers, and artists.

2011   224 pp.
Paper ISBN: 9780300178104
The Message and the Book
Sacred Texts of the World's Religions

This magisterial guide introduces the great faiths of the world through their most important writings. Surveying 400 key religious books, the author engagingly discusses the content, core tenets, and significance of each.

2012   416 pp.   -   Cloth ISBN: 9780300179293

Abraham's Children
Liberty and Tolerance in an Age of Religious Conflict

In a world troubled by conflict, both religious and secular, can we find a path toward tolerance and respect for those of other faiths? Prominent Christian, Jewish, and Muslim thinkers defend religious liberty, drawing on the sacred writings of their personal faiths.

2012   312 pp.
Paper ISBN: 9780300179378
Islam, Science, and the Challenge of History

In this wide-ranging and masterful work, Ahmad Dallal examines the significance of scientific knowledge and situates the culture of science in relation to other cultural forces in Muslim societies.

The Terry Lectures Series
2012   256 pp.   -   Paper ISBN: 9780300177718

Cloth ISBN: 9780300159110

A Common Faith

One of America’s greatest philosophers outlines a faith that is not confined to sect, class, or race.  Dr. Dewey calls for the emancipation of the true religious quality from the heritage of dogmatism and supernaturalism that characterizes historical religions.  He describes a positive, practical, and dynamic faith, verified and supported by the intellect and evolving with the progress o...

The Terry Lectures Series
1960   96 pp.
Paper ISBN: 9780300000696
Why Marx Was Right

In this combative, controversial book, Terry Eagleton takes issue with the prejudice that Marxism is dead and done with.

2012   272 pp.   -   Paper ISBN: 9780300181531

Cloth ISBN: 9780300169430

Reason, Faith, and Revolution
Reflections on the God Debate

A renowned critic demolishes the insistent claims of atheists and others who assert that science has rendered God and faith obsolete. Seasoning his serious book with humor, Terry Eagleton reexamines God, Jesus, free will, scientific thought, and liberalism to arrive at the conclusion that reason and faith are by no means mutually exclusive.

The Terry Lectures Series
2010   200 pp.
Paper ISBN: 9780300164534

Cloth ISBN: 9780300151794
On Evil

In this witty, accessible study, the prominent Marxist thinker Terry Eagleton launches a surprising defense of the reality of evil, drawing on literary, theological, and psychoanalytic sources to suggest that evil is a real phenomenon with palpable force in our contemporary world.

2011   192 pp.   -   Paper ISBN: 9780300171259

Cloth ISBN: 9780300151060

The Introduction of Nazism into Philosophy in Light of the Unpublished Seminars of 1933-1935

In the most comprehensive examination to date of Heidegger’s Nazism, Emmanuel Faye draws on previously unavailable materials to paint a damning picture of Nazism’s influence on the philosopher’s thought and politics.

2011   464 pp.
Paper ISBN: 9780300172072

Cloth ISBN: 9780300120868
A Way of Being

The distinguished scholar David Gelernter presents a highly original guide to Judaism as a way of life and the fundamentals of Jewish belief.

2011   248 pp.   -   Paper ISBN: 9780300168150

Cloth ISBN: 9780300151923

Kabbalah in Italy, 1280-1510
A Survey

This sweeping survey of the history of Kabbalah in Italy represents a major contribution from one of the world's foremost Kabbalah scholars. The first to focus attention on a specific center of Kabbalah, Moshe Idel charts the ways that Kabbalistic thought and literature developed in Italy and how its unique geographical situation facilitated the arrival of both Spanish and Byzantine Kabbalah.

2011   512 pp.
Cloth ISBN: 9780300126266
Way to Wisdom
An Introduction to Philosophy, Second Edition

One of the founders of existentialism, the eminent philosopher Karl Jaspers here presents for the general reader an introduction to philosophy. In doing so, he also offers a lucid summary of his own philosophical thought. In Jaspers’ view, the source of philosophy is to be found “in wonder, in doubt, in a sense of forsakenness,” and the philosophical quest is a process of continual change and self...

A Nota Bene book
2003   240 pp.   -   Paper ISBN: 9780300097351

Dissertation on Predestination and Grace

Never published in any form before, this important work by G W. Leibniz presents his reflections on predestination and election, the problem of evil, and many other topics that illuminate the development of his theology and philosophy.

The Yale Leibniz Series
2011   226 pp.
Cloth ISBN: 9780300151558
A History

A radically new exploration of the ways we think about love; how it has been shaped, idolized, and misconstrued by the West over nearly three millennia; and how we might more accurately--and successfully--conceive it.

2011   294 pp.   -   Cloth ISBN: 9780300118308

A History

A radically new exploration of the ways we think about love; how it has been shaped, idolized, and misconstrued by the West over nearly three millennia; and how we might more accurately--and successfully--conceive it.

2013   312 pp.
Paper ISBN: 9780300187748
Edmund Husserl's Freiburg Years

In this welcome sequel, the award-winning author of The Philosophy of Edmund Husserl takes up the final decades of Husserl's life, completing the most well-informed and comprehensive account ever written on Husserl's phenomenological philosophy.

Yale Studies in Hermeneutics
2011   512 pp.   -   Cloth ISBN: 9780300152210


Nearly five centuries after Thomas More wrote Utopia, his book continues to address issues of powerful contemporary concern—religious pluralism, women’s rights, state-sponsored education, colonialism, and justified warfare. Clarence Miller’s new translation of this foundational text in philosophy and political theory reflects with unprecedented accuracy the sense and tone of More’s original...

A Nota Bene book
2001   208 pp.
Paper ISBN: 9780300084290
The Meaning of Property
Freedom, Community, and the Legal Imagination

In his latest book, Jedediah Purdy takes up a question of deep and lasting importance: why is property ownership a value to society? His answer returns us to the foundations of American society and enables us to interpret the writings of the patron saint of liberal economics, Adam Smith, in a wholly new light.

2011   240 pp.   -   Paper ISBN: 9780300171440

Cloth ISBN: 9780300115451

Soft Despotism, Democracy's Drift
Montesquieu, Rousseau, Tocqueville, and the Modern Prospect

This provocative book draws on the thinking of three great political philosophers to diagnose the malady of today’s liberal democracies: soft despotism. A condition that occurs as paternalistic state power expands, soft despotism may be nonviolent, but it seriously undermines the spirit of self-government, says historian Paul Rahe.

2010   400 pp.
Paper ISBN: 9780300164237

Cloth ISBN: 9780300144925
Absence of Mind
The Dispelling of Inwardness from the Modern Myth of the Self

One of our best contemporary writers explores the tension between science and religion and reveals how our concept of mind determines how we understand and value human nature and human civilization.

The Terry Lectures Series
2011   176 pp.   -   Paper ISBN: 9780300171471

Cloth ISBN: 9780300145182

Michelangelo's Finger
An Exploration of Everyday Transcendence

A renowned British public intellectual illustrates how our unique ability to point the index finger has shaped our amazing evolutionary pathway as humans.

2012   192 pp.
Paper ISBN: 9780300177732

Cloth ISBN: 9780300166484
The Courage to Be
Second Edition

In this classic and deeply insightful book, one of the world’s most eminent philosophers describes the dilemma of modern man and points a way to the conquest of the problem of anxiety. This edition includes a new introduction by Peter J. Gomes that reflects on the impact of this book in the years since it was written.

A Nota Bene book - The Terry Lectures Series
2000   238 pp.   -   Paper ISBN: 9780300084719

Julian of Norwich, Theologian

This provocative book casts Julian of Norwich in a new light, revealing for the first time the subtlety, consistency, and originality of her theological thought. Julian stands among the medieval era's foremost thinkers, the author contends.

2011   288 pp.
Cloth ISBN: 9780300163919
Julian of Norwich, Theologian

This provocative book casts Julian of Norwich in a new light, revealing for the first time the subtlety, consistency, and originality of her theological thought. Julian stands among the medieval era's foremost thinkers, the author contends.

2013   288 pp.   -   Paper ISBN: 9780300192551

On the Most Ancient Wisdom of the Italians

This volume comprises a new critical edition of Vico’s original Latin text and a faithful translation of this early work on metaphysics. Robert Miner’s introduction offers valuable guidance in understanding this challenging text and assessing its significance.

2010   192 pp.
Cloth ISBN: 9780300136913
In God's Shadow
Politics in the Hebrew Bible

A highly distinguished political thinker offers important insights on the political views of the writers of the Bible and investigates how they illuminate important moral issues in our own time.

2012   256 pp.   -   Cloth ISBN: 9780300180442

An Ethical Compass
Coming of Age in the 21st Century

A landmark anthology of prizewinning essays by college students across the country that reflects Elie Wiesel’s conviction about the vital importance of teaching ethics.

2010   400 pp.
PB-with Flaps ISBN: 9780300169157
The Philosophers' Quarrel
Rousseau, Hume, and the Limits of Human Understanding

This engaging book presents a full account of the tragic collapse of the friendship between Rousseau and Hume, the two most important thinkers of the eighteenth century. The authors explore the relation between the men’s quarrel and their philosophical thought and discuss how their incompatible ideas reverberate in thinking today.

2010   264 pp.   -   Paper ISBN: 9780300164282


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