Darwinism Today Series

Darwinism Today Series
Darwinism Today is a series of short books by leading figures in the field of evolutionary theory. Each title is an authoritative pocket introduction to the Darwinian ideas that are setting today’s intellectual agenda. The series developed out of the Darwin@LSE programme at the London School of Economics, where the Darwin Seminars provide a platform for distinguished evolutionists to present the latest Darwinian thinking and to explore its application to humans. The programme is having an enormous impact, both in helping to popularize evolutionary theory and in fostering cross-disciplinary approaches to shared problems. With the publication of Darwinism Today we hope that the best of the new Darwinian ideas will reach an even wider audience.

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A Darwinian Left
Politics, Evolution and Cooperation

03/11/00, Cloth $20.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300083231

The Truth about Cinderella
A Darwinian View of Parental Love

10/11/99, Cloth $22.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300080292