Studies in British Art

Studies in British Art
A serial publication, Studies in British Art, published for the Yale Center for British Art and the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art.

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William Henry Fox Talbot
Beyond Photography

10/29/13, Cloth $75.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300179347

The Anglo-Florentine Renaissance
Art for the Early Tudors

07/17/12, Cloth $75.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300176087

Neo-avant-garde and Postmodern
Postwar Architecture in Britain and Beyond

11/16/10, Cloth $65.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300166187

The Edwardian Sense
Art, Design, and Performance in Britain, 1901-1910

06/29/10, Cloth $65.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300163353

John Talman
An Early-Eighteenth-Century Connoisseur

01/27/09, Cloth $75.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300123357

Politics, Transgression, and Representation at the Court of Charles II

02/28/08, Cloth $65.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300116564

After Sir Joshua
Essays on British Art and Cultural History

09/28/05, Cloth $65.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300107340

From William Morris
Building Conservation and the Arts and Crafts Cult of Authenticity, 1877-1939

07/10/05, Cloth $65.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300107302

The Evolution of English Collecting
The Reception of Italian Art in the Tudor and Stuart Periods

01/11/04, Cloth $75.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300102246

Notorious Muse
The Actress in British Art and Culture 17761812

07/11/03, Cloth $70.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300100051

Those Delightful Regions of Imagination
Essays on George Romney

03/11/02, Cloth $65.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300094589

Patronage, Culture and Power
The Early Cecils 1558-1612

02/08/02, Cloth $65.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300091366

Frederic Leighton
Antiquity, Renaissance, Modernity

02/08/99, Cloth $75.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300079371

Prospects for the Nation
Recent Essays in British Landscape, 1750-1880

10/20/97, Cloth $75.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300063837

Travel, Pleasure, and Imaginative Geography, 1600-1830

11/27/96, Cloth $65.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300063820

Albion's Classicism
The Visual Arts in Britain, 1550-1660

01/24/96, Cloth $80.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300063813

Towards a Modern Art World
Studies in British Art I

05/24/95, Cloth $55.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300063806