Second Edition now available!
Ahlan wa Sahlan
Functional Modern Standard Arabic for Beginners, Second Edition
Mahdi Alosh
Revised with Allen Clark

Important Note to Instructors using the Second Edition:

You must use the Letters and Sounds of the Arabic Language Workbook (ISBN 978-0-300-14048-4) before beginning the Ahlan wa Sahlan Textbook (ISBN 978-0-300-12272-5). Completion of the workbook precedes use of the textbook; they are not used concurrently. If your bookstore has not placed an order for the Workbook yet for upcoming courses, you should instruct them to do so. A set of the Textbook and Workbook is available for a reduced price (ISBN: 978-0-300-16290-5).

Features of the Second Edition include:

  • new DVD video, filmed in Syria
  • expanded communicative activities
  • hundreds of online, interactive exercises
  • updated audio program
  • material designed according to proficiency principles

Components of the Second Edition include:

To request examination copies of the new text and workbook, click here. Please list the following ISBNs: 9780300140477 (annotated instructor's edition) and 9780300140484 (workbook).

If you have any questions, please contact World Languages at

Sample Chapters from the Textbook and Workbook in PDF
Annotated Instructor's Edition
Letters and Sounds of the Arabic Language Workbook
Clips from the DVD
(The QuickTime video clips below open in a small window for Web viewing. The DVD video is full-screen.)
From Ahlan wa Sahlan: Sounds and Letters of the Arabic Language (the Workbook)
Unit 4: Where are you From? (1:04)
From Ahlan wa Sahlan: Student Textbook and Annotated Instructor's Edition
Lesson 21: Syrian History (5:14)
Sample Syllabi
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Arabic 101

Arabic 102