Justice Accused - Cover, Robert M. - Yale University Press
  • Sep 10, 1984
    322 p., 6 x 9

    ISBN: 9780300032529
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Justice Accused

Antislavery and the Judicial Process

  • Robert M. Cover
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What should a judge do when he must hand down a ruling based on a law that he considers unjust or oppressive? This question is examined through a series of problems concerning unjust law that arose with respect to slavery in nineteenth-century America.

“Cover’s book is splendid in many ways. His legal history and legal philosophy are both first class. . . . This is, for a change, an interdisciplinary work that is a credit to both disciplines.”—Ronald Dworkin, Times Literary Supplement

“Scholars should be grateful to Cover for his often brilliant illumination of tensions created in judges by changing eighteenth- and nineteenth-century jurisprudential attitudes and legal standards. . . An exciting adventure in interdisciplinary history.”—Harold M. Hyman, American Historical Review

“A most articulate, sophisticated, and learned defense of legal formalism. . . Deserves and needs to be widely read.”—Don Roper, Journal of American History

“An excellent illustration of the way in which a burning moral issue relates to the American judicial process. The book thus has both historical value and a very immediate importance.”—Edwards A. Stettner, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 

“A really fine book, an important contribution to law and to history.”—Louis H. Pollak