The Domestication of the Human Species - Wilson, Peter J. - Yale University Press
  • Jan 23, 1991
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Social Science

The Domestication of the Human Species

  • Peter J. Wilson
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In the exciting book Peter J. Wilson takes domestication as the starting point for his continued inquiry into human evolution. Wilson argues that settling down into a built environment was the most radical and far-reaching innovation in human development and that it had a crucial effect on human psychology and social relations. The insights of this book point the way toward amendments to social theories that will challenge the professional reader and at the same time offer to the general reader an enriched understanding of human behavior and human history. 

“This book is a rare occurrence: a total rethinking of a set of closely related fundamental problems in the understanding of human evolution….[An] immensely ambitious undertaking.”—Paul Wheatley, Contemporary Sociology

“This approach merges societies in surprising ways….It certainly leads to some provocative and stimulating generalizations.”—John Bodley, American journal of Physical Anthropology

“Perhaps this book is revolutionary…asking us to rethink human nature, its causes, its cures…It holds out the real possibilities of redoing the human condition by reconceptualizing the power of our environs….[Wilson] has given is a book that is hard to put down once begun, and one whose ideas are even harder to dismiss.”—Harvey B. Sarles, Contemporary Psychology

“This is definitely a book on which to sharpen one’s wits….The author invites the reader to think with him about matters not only past but also present which have much relevance for our future. This book makes lively and mind-stretching reading.”—Ashley Montagu

Peter J. Wilson, professor of anthropology at the University of Otago, New Zealand, is also the author of Man, The Promising Primate: The Conditions of Human Evolution.