Intermediate Arabic - Younes, Munther A.; Garen, Micah - Yale University Press

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Yale Language Series

Intermediate Arabic

An Integrated Approach

  • Munther A. Younes; Illustrated by Micah Garen
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The audio program to accompany this text is available on an mp3 CD from the Cornell University Language Resource Center.

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In this book for second-year students of Arabic, Munther A. Younes builds on his successful introductory textbook, Elementary Arabic: An Integrated Approach. Using the same innovative approach he established in Elementary Arabic, Younes offers lessons that integrate the colloquial Levantine dialect with Modern Standard Arabic, thereby reflecting the actual use of the language by native speakers. This volume also continues to deepen the student’s understanding and appreciation of Arab society, culture, and history.

Focusing on the development of communicative skills, each lesson contains listening, speaking, and reading activities, as well as extra materials and exercises to provide variety, entertainment, and further opportunities for practice. The listening selections include folktales and anecdotes well known to native speakers as part of their oral tradition. The dialogues reflect the quality of everyday oral interaction among Arabs, often with an element of humor. The reading selections, consisting of poems, short stories, newspaper articles, descriptions of Arab cities, and biographies of historical figures, are designed to improve reading skills while enriching the student’s knowledge of Arab history, culture, language, and literature. Among the supplementary activities are songs, crossword puzzles, root-and-pattern identification exercises, passage completions, dictations, free compositions, and more.

The audio program for this text is available on an mp3 CD from the Cornell University Language Resource Center.

Munther A. Younes is senior lecturer in Arabic language and linguistics at Cornell University.