A Maritime Album - Szarkowski, John; Benson, Richard - Yale University Press

Art and Architecture

Copublished with the Mariner`s Museum, Newport News, Virginia  

A Maritime Album

100 Photographs and Their Stories

  • John Szarkowski and Richard Benson; Photograph selection & introduction by Richard Szarkowski; Essays by Richard Benson
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One of 6 books to receive the 1997 Golden Light Awards for Photographic Book of the Year given by the The Main Photographic Workshops, Rockport, Maine

Selected as a 1998 Notable Book by the New York Times Book Review

Received a Special Mention from the George Wittenborn Memorial Award Committee for 1997 sponsored by the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA)  

Selected as the Photo-Eye Books and Prints Runner-Up for Best Historical Anthology of 1997

This fascinating book features 100 historical photographs selected, introduced, and explained by two preeminent figures in photography. Each photograph chronicles a fragment of the mariner’s experience—shipbuilding, commercial fishing and whaling, deep-sea diving, naval encounters, and more.

“Each of these beautiful, informative and idiosyncratic photographs must be savored. When juxtaposed with Benson’s extended captions, however, they become focal points through which readers can assess the relationship of our humanity to the rationalizations of our seafaring. . . . A moving testimonial to the exaltation and apprehension of human interaction with the sea. In fishermen’s parlance, it’s a keeper.”—W. Jeffrey Bolster, New York Times Book Review

“This diverse selection explores the human relationship to the sea in an engaging combination of historical text and fascinating photos. . . . Each photo is arresting, whether for the story it tells or the beauty of the tones and forms within frame.”—Cheryl Shugars, Philadelphia Inquirer

“Offers a capsule overview of an unfamiliar, vanishing world.”—Douglas Baiz, Chicago Tribune

“The album allows the reader to relish the artistry of the visionaries behind the lenses.  The lovely essay that accompanies each picture connects the reader to individual pieces of United States maritime history.”—Susan L. Sweetnam, Christian Science Monitor

John Szarkowski is widely considered the most influential living figure in the field of modern photography. Internationally renowned as a photographer, historian, and author of photographic books, he served as director of the Department of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York until his recent retirement. Richard Benson, dean of the Yale Art School, is a photographer and master technician. He has produced the film for many innovative photographic books and has shown his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions. A recipient of a MacArthur Foundation award for 1986-1991, Benson is acknowledged as the world’s expert on photo-mechanical/photo-electronic reproduction.