Images of Quattrocento Florence - Baldassarri, Stefano Ugo; Saiber, Arielle - Yale University Press

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Italian Literature and Thought

Images of Quattrocento Florence

Selected Writings in Literature, History, and Art

  • Edited by Stefano Ugo Baldassarri and Arielle Saiber
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This anthology provides a panoramic view of fifteenth-century Florence in the words of the city’s own citizens and visitors. The fifty-one selections—many translated into English for the first time—offer fascinating glimpses into Renaissance thought. Together, the documents demonstrate the social, political, religious, and cultural impact Florence had in shaping the Italian and European Renaissance, and they reveal how Florence created, developed, and diffused the mythology of its own origins and glory.

The documents point up the divergences in quattrocento accounts of the origins of Florence, and they reveal the importance of the city’s economy, social life, and military success to the formation of its image. The book includes sources that elaborate on the city’s accomplishments in literature and the visual arts, others that present major trends in Florentine religious life, and still others that attest to the acclaim and admiration that Florence evoked from foreign visitors. The editors also provide an informative introduction, a detailed chronology of fifteenth-century Italy, maps, photographs, an annotated bibliography, and a biographical sketch of the author of each document.

Stefano Ugo Baldassarri is professor of Italian literature for the Georgetown University Florence Program. He is the author of the first critical edition of Leonardo Bruni’s Dialogi ad Petrum Paulum Histrum. Arielle Saiber is assistant professor of Italian at Bowdoin College.