The Eye for Innovation - Price, Robert - Yale University Press

Political Science


The Eye for Innovation

Recognizing Possibilities and Managing the Creative Enterprise

  • Robert M. Price
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Selected for Association of American University Presses (AAUP)Books for Public and Secondary School Libraries, 2006

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Innovation is synonymous with problem solving, and the basic elements of innovation apply to any business, says Robert M. Price in this essential guide for managers of organizations large or small. Distilling a set of practical principles from his forty years of experience as a pioneer in the computer industry, the author shows that innovation can be learned and practiced by everyone, that it can offer solutions to everyday problems as well as high-profile ones, and that it provides opportunities to solve business problems while meeting a variety of human needs.

Former CEO of Control Data, Price weaves the history of this uniquely innovative company with fresh thinking about innovation itself—what it means to the people in an organization, the products, and the processes. He avoids simplistic prescriptions and clearly explains seven fundamental principles of innovation beginning with “innovators are made, not born.” He illustrates these principles with fascinating real-life examples. His book offers both the practical tools and the inspiration to everyone with an interest in effective management practice and in building organizations that creatively and continuously respond to ever-changing social and market needs.

Robert M. Price is president of PSV, Inc., a consortium of consultants specializing in technology commercialization and corporate strategy. He is former CEO of Control Data, one of the major computer companies in the world at the time of his tenure.