AIDS Law Today - Burris, Scott; Dalton, Harlon L.; Miller, Judith Leonie; Yale AIDS Law Projec, - Yale University Press

AIDS Law Today

A New Guide for the Public

  • Edited by Scott Burris, Harlon L. Dalton, and Judith Leonie Miller; With contributions by Yale AIDS Law Projec
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How does the law deal with the AIDS epidemic and the controversial issues it has generated? What right does a person with HIV have to privacy, to employment, to treatment, to public services, or to insurance? What are the legal obligations of health care workers, blood banks, prisons, people who have sex with one another?

This fair-minded book provides a crucial—and accessible—assessment of the status of AIDS law today. Written by leading policymakers, attorneys, scholars, and physicians, it is based on an earlier work, AIDS and the Law, published in 1987. This volume thoroughly updates and expands previous discussions of such topics as transmission and treatment, public health measures to stem the epidemic, HIV issues in the health care setting, employment and housing discrimination, HIV education, liability for risky behavior, HIV in prisons, and insurance coverage of people with HIV. It also includes new chapters on criminal law, privacy, the twin epidemics of HIV and substance abuse, and reproduction and parenting issues.

This volume will be an invaluable resource for legislators, educators, counselors, health officials, employers, and anyone with a professional or personal need to grasp the legal dimensions of HIV disease.

Scott Burris is associate professor of law at Temple Law School and counsel of the AIDS and Civil Liberties Project of the ACLU of Pennsylvania. Harlon L. Dalton is professor of law at Yale Law School and a member of the National Commission on AIDS. Judith Leonie Miller is associate director for development, Yale Law School.