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Shakespeare's Edward III

An Early Play Restored to the Canon

  • William Shakespeare; Edited by Eric Sams
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Edward III was first published, anonymously, in 1596. Though most scholars now discern Shakespeare's hand in the play, academic uncertainties over "collaboration," "plagiarism," and "memorial reconstruction" have kept it firmly outside the canon. Now Eric Sams, whose Real Shakespeare confirmed the playwright as a writer of popular plays from an early age as well as an assiduous reviser of his own work, offers a fastidious new edition that authenticates Edward III as Shakespeare's own, unaided work.

As well as Shakespeare's full text, this edition includes a detailed synopsis, copious notes for the general reader, and a conspectus of previous commentary. In particular it presents a close analysis of many hundreds of resemblances classified under some thirty headings (such as antithesis, Biblical and classical reference, imagery, favorite topics, vocabulary, word-play, manuscript characteristics, and canonical parallels) that together identify the author beyond reasonable doubt. Four hundred years after its first appearance, Edward III is at last restored to the stage, the literary world, the public, and to William Shakespeare himself.

Eric Sams is the author of more than one hundred articles, essays, and reviews on the subject of dating and identifying Shakespeare's plays. He is the editor of Shakespeare's Edmund Ironside and author of The Real Shakespeare: Retrieving the Early Years (1564-94), published by Yale University Press.

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