All the Mighty World - Baldwin, Gordon; Daniel, Malcolm; Greenough, Sarah; Pare, Richard; Roberts, Pam; Taylor, Roger - Yale University Press
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All the Mighty World

The Photographs of Roger Fenton, 1852–1860

  • Gordon Baldwin, Malcolm Daniel, and Sarah Greenough; With contributions by Richard Pare, Pam Roberts, and Roger Taylor
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Out of Print.

 Finalist for the 2006 Historians of British Art book prize in the Multi-authored/edited volume, any period subject category.

  Winner of the 2005 Golden Light Awards for the Best Exhibition Catalogue category. This award is sponsored by The Maine Photographic Workshops.


Finalist and shortlisted for the 2006 Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards.

Roger Fenton (1819-1869) was England’s most celebrated and influential photographer during the 1850s, the “golden age” of this radically new medium. Fenton’s majestic pictures of cathedrals, country houses, and varied countryside were without peer in England—as were his views of the royal castles and Houses of Parliament that embodied Britain’s power. But Fenton’s choice of subjects ranged more widely still: he was among the first to photograph the Kremlin and other landmarks of Moscow and Kiev; he was commissioned in 1855 to document the Crimean War, producing early war photographs; and he created theatrical Orientalist costume pictures and a startling series of lush still lifes.

Fenton had first studied law and painting, but soon after he took up the camera he was making photographs that were technically superb and highly original in their handling of composition, perspective, atmosphere, and light. Always he strove to demonstrate that photography could equal the art of painting and even surpass it. He was the force behind the founding of the Photographic Society (later the Royal Photographic Society), which worked to advance the profession and encouraged the exhibition of members’ works throughout Britain. In a career of a single decade, Fenton did much to transform photography into a medium of powerful expression and visual delight.

This exquisitely produced book—the first comprehensive publication on Fenton in almost twenty years—presents eighty-five of the artist’s finest photographs and discusses every aspect of his work and his remarkable career.

Gordon Baldwin is Associate Curator of Photographs at the J. Paul Getty Museum; Malcolm Daniel is Curator in Charge, Department of Photographs, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art; and Sarah Greenough is Curator of Photographs at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.


Tate Britain, London (September 21, 2005 - January 2, 2006)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (May 16 - August 14, 2005)