The Gyrfalcon - Potapov, Eugene; Sale, Richard - Yale University Press

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The Gyrfalcon

  • Eugene Potapov and Richard Sale
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This book is the definitive guide to the largest and most charismatic species of falcon in the world, the Gyrfalcon. With detailed information on life history characteristics, ecology, conservation issues, and much more, the book presents the most accurate, up-to-date, and complete view of this spectacular bird ever published.

Drawing on extensive research and travel to every country within the range of the Gyrfalcon, Eugene Potapov and Richard Sale delineate a new map of the birdís range, conclude that the Gyrfalcon is more adaptable than previously thought, and restore the traditional Linnean scientific name of the species, Falco gyrfalco. The authors also reveal that Gyrfalcons, for much of their lives, are true stenophagous raptors, a rarity not only among raptors but among all birds.

Elegantly illustrated with many photographs and line drawings, this is an essential volume for ornithologists, ecologists, wildlife rehabilitators, falconers, and all others fascinated by birds of prey.

Eugene Potapov is head of research at The Falcon Research Institute in Carmarthen, UK. Richard Sale is a freelance writer and photographer who works primarily in the Arctic and Antarctic