The Warsaw Ghetto - Engelking, Barbara; Leociak, Jacek - Yale University Press
  • Aug 25, 2009
    936 p., 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
    250 b/w illus., 36 color, and 3 color maps
    ISBN: 9780300112344

The Warsaw Ghetto

A Guide to the Perished City

  • Barbara Engelking and Jacek Leociak
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Out of Print.

Finalist in the 2010 National Jewish Book Award in the Holocaust Category sponsored by the Jewish Book Council

Chosen as one of the Best 100 Books of 2009 by the Toronto Globe & Mail, History and War category

The establishment and liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto has become an icon of the Holocaust experience. Remarkably, a full history of the Ghetto has never been written, despite the publication over some sixty years of numerous memoirs, studies, biographical accounts, and primary documents. The Warsaw Ghetto: A Guide to the Perished City is this history, researched and written with painstaking care and devotion over many years and now published for the first time in English.

The authors explore the history of the ghetto’s evolution, the actual daily experience of its thousands of inhabitants from its creation in 1940 to its liquidation following the uprising of 1943. Encyclopedic in scope, the book encompasses a range of topics from food supplies to education, religious activities to the Jundenrat’s administration. Separate chapters deal with the mass deportations to Treblinka and the famous uprising. A series of original maps, along with biographies, a glossary, and a bibliography, completes this masterful work.

Barbara Engelking is professor and chief of the Polish Center for Holocaust Research at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences. Jacek Leociak is head of the Research Team for Holocaust Literature Study at the Institute for Literary Researches, Polish Academy of Sciences. Both authors live in Warsaw.