The Neighborhoods of Queens - Copquin, Claudia G; Jackson, Kenneth T.; Citizens for NYC - Yale University Press
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Neighborhoods of New York City

A joint publication of the Citizens Committee for New York City and Yale University Press 

The Neighborhoods of Queens

  • Claudia Gryvatz Copquin; Introduction by Kenneth T. Jackson
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This up-to-date, intimate portrait of the 99 neighborhoods of Queens is a wonderful tribute to the borough’s past history and present diversity. Detailing the history, people, and cultural activities of each neighborhood, the book is generously illustrated with more than 200 photographs, both contemporary and historical, and over 50 new maps that chart the precise neighborhood boundaries.


With two airports (La Guardia and JFK), Shea Stadium, and Aqueduct Racetrack, Queens is a destination for millions of travelers and visitors each year. But those who live in the borough’s neighborhoods know that it offers much more: parks, bridges, colleges and universities, museums, shops, restaurants, and other institutions and sites that testify to its more than 350-year history. From Astoria to Woodside, with points in between, Queens, the most diverse county in the country, offers a cornucopia of cultures, sights, tastes, and sounds.


With input from residents, historians, demographers, politicians, borough officials, shopkeepers, and many others, The Neighborhoods of Queens captures the unique character of each neighborhood. The book features practical tips (subway and bus routes, libraries, fire departments, hospitals), quirky and unusual neighborhood facts, and information on famous residents. For anyone who lives in Queens, visits its neighborhoods, or remembers it from earlier times, this book is an unsurpassed treasure.


Claudia Gryvatz Copquin is an award-winning freelance journalist who immigrated to Queens from South America with her family in the late 1960s. She now resides on Long Island. 

The Citizens Committee for New York City helps New Yorkers improve their neighborhoods by providing small grants, workshops, information, and assistance to grassroots volunteer groups throughout the city.