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Election 2008

A Voter's Guide

  • Franklin Foer and the Editors of The New Republic; Illustrations by David Cowles
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Featuring the writers and editors of THE NEW REPUBLIC, this handbook for the 2008 presidential election contains information every citizen needs as we head into the primaries. THE NEW REPUBLIC'S Election 2008: A Voterís Guide includes deeply reported, psychologically rich profiles of candidates and a compendium of facts and figures about the hopefuls. Marked throughout by the irreverent wit, style, and intelligence of THE NEW REPUBLIC, this will be the indispensable guide to the 2008 election season.


Election 2008: A Voterís Guide features:


∑ Ryan Lizza on Barack Obamaís real guru

∑ Michael Crowley on Hillary Clintonís views of war and peace

∑ Jonathan Cohn on Mitt Romneyís uncomfortable relationship with his father 

∑ Thomas B. Edsall on Rudy Giulianiís unlikely appeal 

∑ Jason Zengerle on John Edwardsís populist reinvention

∑ Michelle Cottle on the masculine charms of Fred Thompson

∑ Noam Scheiber on the many conversions of Sam Brownback

∑ John B. Judis on the electoral trends that will determine the next president


Franklin Foer is editor of The New Republic and author of How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization.