Japanese, The Spoken Language - Noda, Mari; Itomitsu, Masayuki - Yale University Press


Japanese, The Spoken Language

DVD-ROM for Parts 2 and 3

  • Mari Noda and Masayuki Itomitsu
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Download the User's Guide for this DVD-ROM in PDF by clicking here.

This interactive DVD-ROM program is a powerful tool for the study of spoken Japanese at the intermediate and advanced levels. It is based on the second and third parts of the popular Japanese: The Spoken Language textbook series by Eleanor Harz Jorden with Mari Noda.

The DVD-ROM compatible with both PC and Macintosh computers -- presents JSLs sound methodology in a rich multimedia environment and complements the textbook with innovative, fully interactive exercises, simulations, and reviews. Whether used in the classroom or for self-study, the DVD-ROM program encourages students to complete the tasks necessary to communicate successfully in Japanese and makes learning both enjoyable and rewarding.


Some of the features include:

*Intended for a wide range of ages and levels of education, from high school to self-directed adult learners

*More than 20,000 audio files, 1,400 original illustrations, 1,600 photographs, and 60 video clips

*Activities on accent and intonation based on new research

*Japanese-English and English-Japanese glossaries