The American Circus - Weber, Susan; Ames, Kenneth L.; Wittmann, Matthew; Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts - Yale University Press

Art and Architecture

Published for the Bard Graduate Center, NY 

The American Circus

  • Edited by Susan Weber, Kenneth Ames, and Matthew Wittmann
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Selected as a Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2013 in the Theater & Dance Category.

The circus is a source of nostalgia for Americans of all ages, either from memories of attending P. T. Barnum's "Greatest Show on Earth," or through the colorful evocations in many movies, television programs, and books. Interest in the circus phenomenon is unflagging, yet there have been few publications that look closely at how the circus's European origins were refashioned for an American audience. Lavishly illustrated and carefully researched, this volume explores how American culture, values, demography, and business practices altered the fundamental nature of the European circus, and how, by the end of the 19th century, they had transformed it into a distinctly American pastime.

At the peak of its cultural significance, the circus was a sophisticated combination of theater and business, and made effective use of advertising, train travel, and hyperbole. The subjects in The American Circus reflect this complexity, ranging widely from thematic explorations of circus music and elephants to more closely focused studies of objects such as circus toys, souvenirs, and performers' costumes. The book also explores the dark and even nefarious side of the circus, and its associations with marginalized dimensions of American life and culture. With contributions from leading scholars, this stylishly designed volume aims to identify the salient features of an Americanized cultural product and to analyze its appeal for American audiences.

Susan Weber is director and founder, Kenneth Ames is professor of American decorative arts, and Matthew Wittmann is curatorial fellow, all at the Bard Graduate Center.

With contributions by Rachel Adams, Brenda Assael, Leon Botstein, Ellen Butler Donovan, Fred Dahlinger, Jr., Janet M. Davis, Rodney Huey, Jennifer Lemmer Posey, Eugene W. Metcalf, Brett Mizelle, Susan Nance, Gregory J. Renoff, Kory W. Rogers, Paul Stirton, Peta Tait, Susan Weber, and Matthew Wittmann


Bard Graduate Center, NY(09/21/12–02/03/13)