On Being a Language Teacher - López-Burton, Norma; Minor, Denise - Yale University Press


On Being a Language Teacher

A Personal and Practical Guide to Success

  • Norma López-Burton and Denise Minor
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On Being a Language Teacher provides an innovative, personal approach to second-language teaching. Through illustrative personal anecdotes, this text guides new and aspiring language teachers through key pedagogical strategies while encouraging productive reflection by classroom veterans. An ancillary website provides online videos to complement the text by showing an experienced teacher applying the book’s lessons.   In a market dominated by dense theoretical approaches to language pedagogy, this text provides an instantly accessible, practical set of teaching tools for educators at all levels. Its accessible style and affordability give it the flexibility to serve as either a primary or a supplemental text for teaching assistants, students in credential programs, or undergraduates in applied linguistics courses.

Norma Lopez-Burton teaches Spanish at the University of California–Davis and has directed its first-year Spanish program since 1994. Denise Minor is assistant professor of Spanish at California State University–Chico.