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For a New World to Come
Experiments in Japanese Art and Photography, 1968–1979

Yasufumi Nakamori with Allison Pappas; With contributions by Yuko Fujii, Rachel Hooper, Yoshiaki Kai, Ryuichi Kaneko, Robin Kelsey, Rei Masuda, Yuri Mitsuda, Chanon (Kenji) Praepipatmongkol, Franz Prichard, Miwako Tezuka, and Reiko Tomii

In Japan, the student protests and avant-garde art initiatives of the late 1960s gave way to political apathy, economic uncertainties, and an introspective tendency in art. As a result, many artists sought different avenues of expression, using photography in experimental and conceptual ways as part of their larger artistic practice. Many photographers also responded by moving away from a straight documentary approach, some displaying their images in series and installations as works of art.
For a New World to Come provides a thought-provoking look at photography-based works and other works by twenty-nine of these artists, including such well-known names as Nobuyoshi Araki, Koji Enokura, Daido Moriyama, Hitoshi...

2015   256 pp.  140 color + 134 b/w illus.   -   Cloth ISBN: 9780300207828  $85.00 tx

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