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Survey of London: Battersea
Volume 49: Public, Commercial and Cultural

Edited by Andrew Saint

The south London parish of Battersea has roots as a working village, growing produce for London markets, and as a high-class suburb, with merchants’ villas on the elevated ground around Clapham and Wadsworth Commons.  Battersea enjoyed spectacular growth during Queen Victoria’s reign, and railroads brought industry and a robust building boom, transforming the parish into another of London’s dense, smoky neighborhoods, though not without its unique and distinguishing features.  Among these are Battersea Park, which was created by the Crown in the 1850s; the monumental Battersea Power Station, completed in 1939; and Clapham Junction railway station, which is, by measure of passenger interchanges, the busiest sta...

2014   520 pp.  150 color + 250 b/w illus.   -   Cloth ISBN: 9780300196160  $150.00 tx

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Cultural Politics at the Early Eighteenth-Century Court
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The City, the Country, and the Suburbs, 1660–1840
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Survey of London: Battersea
Volume 50: Houses and Housing
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Survey of London: Battersea
Volumes 49 and 50

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