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The Terror Courts
Rough Justice at Guantanamo Bay

A Single Roll of the Dice
Obama's Diplomacy with Iran

Captive Audience
The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age

The Good Rich and What They Cost Us

Nothing to Hide
The False Tradeoff between Privacy and Security

The Myth of Choice
Personal Responsibility in a World of Limits

Falun Gong
The End of Days

Of Africa

America the Possible
Manifesto for a New Economy

Better Capitalism
Renewing the Entrepreneurial Strength of the American Economy

The Cost Disease
Why Computers Get Cheaper and Health Care Doesn't

The Fall of the House of Assad

Environmental Leadership Equals Essential Leadership
Redefining Who Leads and How

Innovation Economics
The Race for Global Advantage

The Parties Versus the People
How to Turn Republicans and Democrats into Americans

Good Italy, Bad Italy
Why Italy Must Conquer Its Demons to Face the Future

The Voting Wars
From Florida 2000 to the Next Election Meltdown

The Rise and Fall of Qaddafi

The End of the Chinese Dream
Why Chinese People Fear the Future

Southern Africa
Old Treacheries and New Deceits

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