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The App Generation
How Today's Youth Navigate Identity, Intimacy, and Imagination in a Digital World

The Bet
Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and Our Gamble over Earth's Future

The Danube
A Journey Upriver from the Black Sea to the Black Forest

The Nostalgia Factory
Memory, Time and Ageing

"A Rich Spot of Earth"
Thomas Jefferson's Revolutionary Garden at Monticello

The Snail Darter and the Dam
How Pork-Barrel Politics Endangered a Little Fish and Killed a River

Welcome to Subirdia
Sharing Our Neighborhoods with Wrens, Robins, Woodpeckers, and Other Wildlife

An Introduction to Spanish for Healthcare Workers
Communication and Culture, Fourth Edition
September 2014, Paper $79.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300212976


A History

A Golden Weed
Tobacco and Environment in the Piedmont South

Sustainable Lifestyles and the Quest for Plenitude
Case Studies of the New Economy

Of Green Leaf, Bird, and Flower
Artists' Books and the Natural World

The Duchess's Shells
Natural History Collecting in the Age of Cook’s Voyages

Atlas of the Ethno-Political History of the Caucasus

People and Nature in the Modern World

A Field Guide to California Lichens

Voyaging in Strange Seas
The Great Revolution in Science

Brilliant Discourse
Pictures and Readers in Early Modern Rome

Chasing Monarchs
Migrating with the Butterflies of Passage

The Double-Crested Cormorant
Plight of a Feathered Pariah

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