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Radiant Truths
Essential Dispatches, Reports, Confessions, and Other Essays on American Belief

Competing Visions of Empire
Labor, Slavery, and the Origins of the British Atlantic Empire

Atlas of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Back to the Garden
Nature and the Mediterranean World from Prehistory to the Present

Fashion Victims
Dress at the Court of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette

The Marble Index
Roubiliac and Sculptural Portraiture in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Amistad's Orphans
An Atlantic Story of Children, Slavery, and Smuggling

George I. Sánchez
The Long Fight for Mexican American Integration

How to Read Islamic Carpets

The Moral Culture of the Scottish Enlightenment

Owning the Past
Why the English Collected Antique Sculpture, 1640–1840

Silence Was Salvation
Child Survivors of Stalin’s Terror and World War II in the Soviet Union

Subverting Exclusion
Transpacific Encounters with Race, Caste, and Borders, 1885-1928

The Codependency of America and China

The Ages of American Law
Second Edition

The Art of Peacemaking
Political Essays by István Bibó

Initiative to Stop the Violence
Sadat’s Assassins and the Renunciation of Political Violence

The Killing Compartments
The Mentality of Mass Murder

Like a Bomb Going Off
Leonid Yakobson and Ballet as Resistance in Soviet Russia

A Path in the Mighty Waters
Shipboard Life and Atlantic Crossings to the New World

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