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Gouverneur Morris
An Independent Life

Lodge in Vietnam
A Patriot Abroad

Forgotten Voices of Mao's Great Famine, 1958-1962
An Oral History

The Warburg Years (1919-1933)
Essays on Language, Art, Myth, and Technology

A Little History of Literature

A Little History of the World
Illustrated Edition

The Social Misconstruction of Reality
Validity and Verification in the Scholarly Community

The Memoirs of Walter Bagehot

The Woman Reader

A Little History of Science

On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History

Bereavement and Consolation
Testimonies from Tokugawa Japan

Fortunes of History
Historical Inquiry from Herder to Huizinga

In Pursuit of Ancient Pasts
A History of Classical Archaeology in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

No Virtue Like Necessity
Realist Thought in International Relations since Machiavelli

Hitler's Philosophers

Global Crisis
War, Climate Change and Catastrophe in the Seventeenth Century

Mutiny and Its Bounty
Leadership Lessons from the Age of Discovery

Democracy in Retreat
The Revolt of the Middle Class and the Worldwide Decline of Representative Government

Ambition, A History
From Vice to Virtue

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