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Against the Profit Motive
The Salary Revolution in American Government, 1780-1940

Civil Disobedience
An American Tradition

Inheritance in Public Policy
Change Without Choice in Britain

Talent Wants to Be Free
Why We Should Learn to Love Leaks, Raids, and Free Riding

Evidence Law Adrift

The Voting Wars
From Florida 2000 to the Next Election Meltdown

No Virtue Like Necessity
Realist Thought in International Relations since Machiavelli

Race, Poverty, and Domestic Policy

The Electronic Silk Road
How the Web Binds the World Together in Commerce

According to Our Hearts
Rhinelander v. Rhinelander and the Law of the Multiracial Family

The American Illness
Essays on the Rule of Law

Totally Unofficial
The Autobiography of Raphael Lemkin

The Snail Darter and the Dam
How Pork-Barrel Politics Endangered a Little Fish and Killed a River

Friend of the Court
On the Front Lines with the First Amendment

Captured by Evil
The Idea of Corruption in Law

What Changed When Everything Changed
9/11 and the Making of National Identity

Democracy, Expertise, and Academic Freedom
A First Amendment Jurisprudence for the Modern State

A Republic of Statutes
The New American Constitution

Just Words
Lillian Hellman, Mary McCarthy, and the Failure of Public Conversation in America

Freedom to Harm
The Lasting Legacy of the Laissez Faire Revival

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