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  • Encounters: Chinese Language and Culture

    Encounters is a ground-breaking Chinese language instructional program for English speakers. Reflecting years of international collaboration between Yale University Press and China International Publishing Group, Encounters is a fully integrated multimedia program for beginner-level Chinese that immerses students in the sounds of Mandarin Chinese while simultaneously exposing them to the sights and culture of China.

  • French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture: The Capretz Method, Third Edition

    Since it was first published, French in Action has been widely recognized in the field as a model for video-based foreign language instruction, and the new edition updates the text and workbook for today's students.

  • Seamos pragmáticos: Introducción a la pragmática española

    Seamos pragmático is a new practical text written in Spanish and specifically tailored for advanced undergraduate and graduate students with little or no background in linguistics.