New Books from Yale University Press
   AS OF SUNDAY, JULY 05, 2015

Age of Transition
Byzantine Culture in the Islamic World
Edited by Helen C. Evans; With essays by Lyle Humphrey, Lisa Brody, Carol Snow, Edward Bleiberg, Stephen Fine, Annie Labatt, Hieromonk Justin of Sinai, Larry Nees, Robert E. Schick, Alan Gampel, Arnold E. Franklin, and Gabriele Mietke

06/30/15, PB-with Flaps $50.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300211115

Climate Cultures
Anthropological Perspectives on Climate Change
Edited by Jessica Barnes and Michael R. Dove

06/30/15, Paper $39.95 tx
ISBN: 9780300198812

Discovering Tuberculosis
A Global History, 1900 to the Present
Christian W. McMillen

06/30/15, Cloth $40.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300190298

French in Action
A Beginning Course in Language and Culture: The Capretz Method, Third Edition, Part 2
Pierre J. Capretz and Barry Lydgate, with Béatrice Abetti and Marie-Odile Germain

06/30/15, Cloth $70.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300176117

Ill Composed
Sickness, Gender, and Belief in Early Modern England
Olivia Weisser

06/30/15, Cloth $85.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300200706

A Neurocognitive Approach to Mystical Experiences
Shahar Arzy and Moshe Idel

06/30/15, Cloth $50.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300152364

The Lock and Key of Medicine
Monoclonal Antibodies and the Transformation of Healthcare
Lara V. Marks

06/30/15, Cloth $40.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300167733

Making Make-Believe Real
Politics as Theater in Shakespeare's Time
Garry Wills

06/30/15, Paper $20.00
ISBN: 9780300212716

The Paintings of Moholy-Nagy
The Shape of Things to Come
Joyce Tsai; With essays by James Merle Thomas and Friederike Waentig, and an introduction by Larry J. Feinberg and Eik Kahng

06/30/15, Paper over Board $35.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300209976

Revelation and Authority
Sinai in Jewish Scripture and Tradition
Benjamin D. Sommer

06/30/15, Cloth $50.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300158731

The Search for Takrur
Archaeological Excavations and Reconnaissance along the Middle Senegal Valley
Edited by Roderick J. McIntosh, Susan Keech McIntosh, and Hamady Bocoum

06/30/15, Paper $50.00 tx
ISBN: 9780913516294

The Souls of Black Folk
W. E. B. Du Bois; With an Introduction and Chronology by Jonathan Scott Holloway

06/30/15, Paper $7.95 tx
ISBN: 9780300195828

Van Gogh and Nature
Richard Kendall, Sjraar van Heugten, and Chris Stolwijk

06/30/15, Cloth $50.00
ISBN: 9780300210293

When Britain Saved the West
The Story of 1940
Robin Prior

06/30/15, Cloth $35.00
ISBN: 9780300166620

Wildcat Currency
How the Virtual Money Revolution Is Transforming the Economy
Edward Castronova

06/30/15, Paper $20.00
ISBN: 9780300212495

Yale French Studies, Number 127
Animots: Postanimality in French Thought
Edited by Matthew Senior, David L. Clark, and Carla Freccero

06/30/15, Paper $35.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300206654

Becoming an Architect in Renaissance Italy
Art, Science, and the Career of Baldassarre Peruzzi
Ann C. Huppert

06/23/15, Cloth $85.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300203950

Architecture Talks Back
Karen Kice

06/23/15, Paper $16.95 sc
ISBN: 9780300210637

German Rocketeers in the Heart of Dixie
Making Sense of the Nazi Past during the Civil Rights Era
Monique Laney

06/23/15, Cloth $35.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300198034

Learn to Read Latin, Second Edition
Andrew Keller and Stephanie Russell

06/23/15, Cloth $100.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300194944

Learn to Read Latin, Second Edition
Andrew Keller and Stephanie Russell

06/23/15, Paper $57.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300194951

Natural Capital
Valuing the Planet
Dieter Helm

06/23/15, Cloth $32.50
ISBN: 9780300210989

New Treatise on the Uniqueness of Consciousness
Xiong Shili; Translated by John Makeham

06/23/15, Cloth $85.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300191578

Culture and the Death of God
Terry Eagleton

06/16/15, Paper $16.00
ISBN: 9780300212334

The Little Review "Ulysses"
James Joyce; Edited by Mark Gaipa, Sean Latham, and Robert Scholes

06/16/15, Paper $28.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300181777

My Dear BB . . .
The Letters of Bernard Berenson and Kenneth Clark, 1925–1959
Edited and annotated by Robert Cumming

06/16/15, Cloth $45.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300207378

A Natural History of English Gardening
Mark Laird

06/16/15, Cloth $75.00
ISBN: 9780300196368

Béla Bartók
David Cooper

06/09/15, Cloth $40.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300148770

Color in Ancient and Medieval East Asia
Edited by Mary M Dusenbury

06/09/15, Paper over Board $65.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300212990

The Literary Churchill
Author, Reader, Actor
Jonathan Rose

06/09/15, Paper $25.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300212341

The Rise of Thomas Cromwell
Power and Politics in the Reign of Henry VIII, 1485-1534
Michael Everett

06/09/15, Cloth $40.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300207422

Voyaging in Strange Seas
The Great Revolution in Science
David Knight

06/09/15, Paper $25.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300212754

Waterloo and the Fortunes of Peace 1814–1852
Rory Muir

06/09/15, Cloth $40.00
ISBN: 9780300187861

The Age of Secrecy
Jews, Christians, and the Economy of Secrets, 1400–1800
Daniel Jütte; Translated by Jeremiah Riemer

05/26/15, Cloth $40.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300190984

The Book of Beginnings
François Jullien; Translated by Jody Gladding

05/26/15, Cloth $26.00
ISBN: 9780300204223

Through the Looking Glass
Andrew Bolton; With John Galliano, Adam Geczy, Maxwell K. Hearn, Homay King, Harold Koda, Mei Mei Rado, and Wong Kar Wai, and photography by Platon

05/26/15, PB-Flexibound $45.00
ISBN: 9780300211122

For God and Kaiser
The Imperial Austrian Army, 1619-1918
Richard Bassett

05/26/15, Cloth $45.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300178586

The Tree That Has Nourished, Healed, and Inspired Through the Ages
Bill Vaughn

05/26/15, Cloth $30.00
ISBN: 9780300203493

Why Economists Failed to Predict the Crisis and How to Avoid the Next One
Meghnad Desai

05/26/15, Cloth $28.00
ISBN: 9780300213546

Imperial from the Beginning
The Constitution of the Original Executive
Saikrishna Bangalore Prakash

05/26/15, Cloth $45.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300194562

The Last Two Great Presidents
Godfrey Hodgson

05/26/15, Cloth $28.00
ISBN: 9780300180503

John Knox
Jane Dawson

05/26/15, Cloth $45.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300114737

Language and Literacy in Roman Judaea
A Study of the Bar Kokhba Documents
Michael Owen Wise

05/26/15, Cloth $85.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300204537

Léon Blum
Prime Minister, Socialist, Zionist
Pierre Birnbaum

05/26/15, Cloth $25.00
ISBN: 9780300189803

Machado de Assis
A Literary Life
K. David Jackson

05/26/15, Cloth $40.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300180824

Modernism and Landscape Architecture, 1890–1940
Edited by Therese O’Malley and Joachim Wolschke-Bulmahn

05/26/15, Cloth $70.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300196399

Other People's Houses
How Decades of Bailouts, Captive Regulators, and Toxic Bankers Made Home Mortgages a Thrilling Business
Jennifer Taub; With a New Preface

05/26/15, Paper $20.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300212709

Please Talk to Me
Selected Stories
Liliana Heker; Translated by Alberto Manguel and Miranda France

05/26/15, PB-with Flaps $16.00
ISBN: 9780300198041

Poetry of Haitian Independence
Edited by Doris Y. Kadish and Deborah Jenson; Translations by Norman R. Shapiro; Foreword by Edwidge Danticat

05/26/15, Cloth $40.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300195590

The Politics of Cultural Retreat
Imperial Bureaucracy in Austrian Galicia, 1772-1867
Iryna Vushko

05/26/15, Cloth $85.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300207279

Prisoners, Lovers, and Spies
The Story of Invisible Ink from Herodotus to al-Qaeda
Kristie Macrakis

05/26/15, Paper $20.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300212600

Private Doubt, Public Dilemma
Religion and Science since Jefferson and Darwin
Keith Thomson

05/26/15, Cloth $30.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300203677

The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child
Volume 68
Edited by Claudia Lament and Robert A. King

05/26/15, Cloth $75.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300207415

The Sea Is My Country
The Maritime World of the Makahs
Joshua L. Reid

05/26/15, Cloth $40.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300209907

Whitney Museum of American Art
Handbook of the Collection
Edited by Dana Miller; With an introduction by Adam D. Weinberg

05/26/15, PB-with Flaps $35.00
ISBN: 9780300211832

Beyond the University
Why Liberal Education Matters
Michael S. Roth; With a New Preface

05/19/15, Paper $17.00
ISBN: 9780300212662

Do Guns Make Us Free?
Democracy and the Armed Society
Firmin DeBrabander

05/19/15, Cloth $30.00
ISBN: 9780300208931

The Liberation of the Camps
The End of the Holocaust and Its Aftermath
Dan Stone

05/19/15, Cloth $32.50
ISBN: 9780300204575

Louis I. Kahn in Conversation
Interviews with John W. Cook and Heinrich Klotz, 1969–70
Edited by Jules David Prown and Karen E. Denavit

05/19/15, Cloth $50.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300208146

New Biography of a Dictator
Oleg V. Khlevniuk; Translated by Nora Seligman Favorov

05/19/15, Cloth $35.00
ISBN: 9780300163889

Aldo van Eyck
Robert McCarter

05/12/15, Cloth $65.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300153965

The Great Failure
Florian Schui

05/12/15, Paper $17.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300212778

Hard Times
Inequality, Recession, Aftermath
Tom Clark with Anthony Heath

05/12/15, Paper $22.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300212747

Inventing Impressionism
Paul Durand-Ruel and the Modern Art Market
Edited by Sylvie Patry; With contributions by Anne Robbins, Christopher Riopelle, Joseph Rishel, and Jennifer A. Thompson, and Anne Distel, Flavie Durand-Ruel, Paul-Louis Durand-Ruel, Dorothee Hansen, Simon Kelly, and John Zarobell

05/12/15, Paper over Board $65.00
ISBN: 9781857095845

Revolution of the Eye
Modern Art and the Birth of American Television
Maurice Berger; With an introduction by Lynn Spigel

05/12/15, Paper over Board $45.00
ISBN: 9780300207934

Walking Sculpture 1967–2015
Lexi Lee Sullivan; With contributions by Cole Swensen and Helen Mirra

05/12/15, Paper over Board $25.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300212433

Fashioning the Body
An Intimate History of the Silhouette
Edited by Denis Bruna

05/05/15, Paper over Board $50.00
ISBN: 9780300204278

Sultans of Deccan India, 1500–1700
Opulence and Fantasy
Navina Najat Haidar and Marika Sardar

05/05/15, Cloth $65.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300211108

Barnett Newman
The Late Work, 1965–1970
Bradford A. Epley and Michelle White; With a contribution by Sarah K. Rich

04/28/15, Paper over Board $55.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300211764

Black Hole
How an Idea Abandoned by Newtonians, Hated by Einstein, and Gambled On by Hawking Became Loved
Marcia Bartusiak

04/28/15, Cloth $27.50
ISBN: 9780300210859

Browned Off and Bloody-Minded
The British Soldier Goes to War 1939-1945
Alan Allport

04/28/15, Cloth $40.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300170757

The Business of Slavery and the Rise of American Capitalism, 1815–1860
Calvin Schermerhorn

04/28/15, Cloth $65.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300192001

Caregiving in Alzheimer's and Other Dementias
Eric Pfeiffer, M.D.; Foreword by Gayle Sierens

04/28/15, Paper $20.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300207989

Cervantes' "Don Quixote"
Roberto González Echevarría

04/28/15, Paper $25.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300198645

An Eames Anthology
Articles, Film Scripts, Interviews, Letters, Notes, and Speeches
Charles Eames and Ray Eames; Edited by Daniel Ostroff

04/28/15, Paper over Board $50.00
ISBN: 9780300203455

His Space and Times
Steven Gimbel

04/28/15, Cloth $25.00
ISBN: 9780300196719

Myths, Perils and Compensations
Douwe Draaisma

04/28/15, Cloth $27.50 sc
ISBN: 9780300207286

France 1940
Defending the Republic
Philip Nord

04/28/15, Cloth $27.50
ISBN: 9780300189872

Great Game East
India, China, and the Struggle for Asia’s Most Volatile Frontier
Bertil Lintner

04/28/15, Cloth $35.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300195675

The House of Owls
Tony Angell; Foreword by Robert Michael Pyle

04/28/15, Cloth $30.00
ISBN: 9780300203448

How the Bible Became Holy
Michael L. Satlow

04/28/15, Paper $25.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300171921

Languages of the Night
Minor Languages and the Literary Imagination in Twentieth-Century Ireland and Europe
Barry McCrea

04/28/15, Cloth $40.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300185157

Learning by Doing
The Real Connection between Innovation, Wages, and Wealth
James Bessen

04/28/15, Cloth $35.00
ISBN: 9780300195668

Louisa Catherine
The Other Mrs. Adams
Margery M. Heffron; Edited by David L. Michelmore

04/28/15, Paper $25.00 sc
ISBN: 9780300212563

Markets and Marketplaces in Medieval Italy, c. 1100 to c. 1440
Dennis Romano

04/28/15, Cloth $65.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300169072

The Narrow Edge
A Tiny Bird, an Ancient Crab, and an Epic Journey
Deborah Cramer

04/28/15, Cloth $28.00
ISBN: 9780300185195

The Old Boys
The Decline and Rise of the Public School
David Turner

04/28/15, Cloth $65.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300189926

Pax Technica
How the Internet of Things May Set Us Free or Lock Us Up
Philip N. Howard

04/28/15, Cloth $28.00
ISBN: 9780300199475

Planning Democracy
Agrarian Intellectuals and the Intended New Deal
Jess Gilbert

04/28/15, Cloth $45.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300207316

Project Puffin
The Improbable Quest to Bring a Beloved Seabird Back to Egg Rock
Stephen W. Kress and Derrick Z. Jackson

04/28/15, Cloth $30.00
ISBN: 9780300204810

Remoteness and Modernity
Transformation and Continuity in Northern Pakistan
Shafqat Hussain

04/28/15, Cloth $85.00 tx
ISBN: 9780300205558

Spiritual Defiance
Building a Beloved Community of Resistance
Robin Meyers

04/28/15, Cloth $26.00
ISBN: 9780300203523