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  Books used in this course  

Biomedical Engineering: Bridging Medicine and Technology
Mark Saltzman
Cambridge University Press
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  Other Books by Professor Saltzman  

Drug Delivery
Mark Saltzman
Oxford University Press
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Tissue Engineering
Mark Saltzman
Oxford University Press
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DNA Vaccines: Methods in Molecular Medicine
Humana Press
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Synthetic DNA Delivery Systems
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  Additional books of interest  

Meselson, Stahl, and the Replication of DNA
A History of "The Most Beautiful Experiment in Biology"

In 1957 young scientists Matthew Meselson and Frank Stahl produced a landmark experiment in DNA replication that became famous not only for its result but also for its extremely beautiful simplicity and elegance. This masterful account of Meselson and Stahl’s quest reconstructs the complex route that led to their experiment and provides an inside view of day-to-day scientific research in which fru...

2001   528 pp.
Cloth ISBN: 9780300085402
$65.00 / $58.50
Stem Cell Century
Law and Policy for a Breakthrough Technology

Whether stem cell research lives up to its promise will largely depend upon new laws as yet unwritten, says the author of this timely book. He identifies, analyzes, and proposes answers to controversial legal questions concerning cloning, patenting stem cells lines, government funding of research that destroys embryos, and much more.

2009   336 pp.   -   Paper ISBN: 9780300143232
$26.00 / $23.40

DNA Pioneers and Their Legacy

In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, pioneering scientists created a new science—molecular genetics—and revolutionized the field of biology. This entertaining book provides a lively account of the early days in the field of nucleic acid research and introduces the important scientists whose work led to the discovery of DNA. Knowing these pioneers as scientists and human beings, says th...

1998   168 pp.
Cloth ISBN: 9780300071849
$52.00 / $46.80
Genetic Secrets
Protecting Privacy and Confidentiality in the Genetic Era

The dramatic explosion of information brought about by recent advances in genetic research brings welcome scientific knowledge. Yet this new knowledge also raises complex and troubling issues concerning privacy and confidentiality. This thought-provoking book is the first comprehensive exploration of these ethical, legal, and social issues.

1999   528 pp.   -   Paper ISBN: 9780300080636
$32.00 / $28.80

Human Physiology: From Cells to Systems
Lauralee Sherwood
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Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
John Enderle, Susan Blanchard, and Joseph Bronzino
Elsevier Academic Press
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