The Anthology of Rap

An extraordinary collection of lyrics showcasing rap’s poetic depth and diversity.

2011   928 pp.
Paper ISBN: 9780300141917

Cloth ISBN: 9780300141900
Slow Lightning

The 2011 winner of the Yale Series of Younger Poets award, Eduardo C. Corral, is the first Latino poet ever to receive the award. His poems, strange and haunting, are also lyrically beautiful and filled with yearning.

Yale Series of Younger Poets
2012   96 pp.   -   Paper ISBN: 9780300178937

Cloth ISBN: 9780300178920

Can Poetry Save the Earth?
A Field Guide to Nature Poems

In this thought-provoking book, John Felstiner explores the rich legacy of poems that take nature as their subject, and he demonstrates their force and beauty. In our own time of environmental crises, he contends, poetry has a unique capacity to restore our attention to our environment in its imperiled state. And this, in turn, may just make us better stewards of the earth.

2010   440 pp.
Paper ISBN: 9780300168136

Cloth ISBN: 9780300137507
Selected Poems

The publication of an astonishing debut more than fifty years ago brought poet Geoffrey Hill immediate attention and acclaim. Selected Poems represents a major publishing event, the publication of the first representative selection of Hill’s poetry, gathering work from early volumes to such recent books as The Orchards of Syon and Without Title.

2010   288 pp.   -   Paper ISBN: 9780300164305

Cloth ISBN: 9780300121568

Rhyme's Reason
A Guide to English Verse, Third Edition

In his classic text, Rhyme’s Reason, the distinguished poet and critic John Hollander surveys the schemes, patterns, and forms of English verse, illustrating each variation with an original and witty self-descriptive example. In this substantially expanded and revised edition, Hollander adds a section of examples taken from centuries of poetry that exhibit the patterns he has described.

2001   154 pp.
Paper ISBN: 9780300088328
Delmira Agustini, Sexual Seduction, and Vampiric Conquest

A study of the life and poetry of Delmira Agustini, the first major female Latin American poet of the twentieth century.

Major Figures in Spanish and Latin American Literature and the Arts
2012   288 pp.   -   Cloth ISBN: 9780300167740

The Art of Robert Frost

A wonderfully accessible guide to the poetry of Robert Frost, this book presents a superb selection of poems from across the poet's career and places each poem in social, biographical, historical, and literary context.

2012   408 pp.
Cloth ISBN: 9780300118131

Hédi Kaddour’s poetry arises from observation, from situations both ordinary and emblematic—of contemporary life, of human stubbornness, human invention, or human cruelty. With Treason, the award-winning poet and translator Marilyn Hacker presents an English-speaking audience with the first selected volume of his work.

2012   192 pp.   -   Paper ISBN: 9780300177756

Cloth ISBN: 9780300149586


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