An English-Hausa Dictionary
  • Sep 10, 1990
    344 p., 7 x 10

    ISBN: 9780300047028
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Series Information
Yale Language Series

An English-Hausa Dictionary

  • Roxana Ma Newman


"The last English-Hausa dictionary was published twenty-five years ago. So Newmanís new work . . . will be warmly welcomed by the many learners of Hausa around the world and by the many non-Hausas who have to use the language. The entries are usually helpful and reasonably accurate, and some are very detailed with good examples of usage. And the design and layout of this dictionary are delightful: the cover bright, and the text unusually clear and attractive."--William Burgess, Times Literary Supplement

"A welcome addition that will be useful to students of Hausa language, linguistics, and culture for years to come."--Beverly B. Mack, African Studies Review

"This is an invaluable reference work produced with meticulous care."--Graham Furniss, Bulletin of SOAS (ltd)

"Using abundant examples, especially for idiomatic uses, Newman has produced an eminently useful dictionary for the serious Hausa student. . . . This is a major work, suitable for libraries where African studies or linguistics are taught."--Choice

"An English-Hausa Dictionary will serve as a valuable resource for scholars and students of linguistics and African languages and literature. It will also be useful to African and ethnic studies professionals and all others interested in multicultural studies. It is highly recommended for use in academic and research libraries. Newman and her editorial staff deserve to be congratulated."--Felix Eme Unaeze, American Reference Books Annual

"This is far and away the largest, most accurate, and most informative English-Hausa dictionary to appear to date."--Studies in African Linguistics

"Hausa students and Hausaphiles now have an English-Hausa dictionary that is readily available, attractively produced and quite attractively priced, and more comprehensive than any English-based dictionary for an African language. . . . A magnificent accomplishment that promises to serve a wide variety of purposes. It establishes both a precedent and an excellent model that one hopes will be followed for other less commonly taught languages."--William R. Leben, Modern Language Journal

"There has been a conspicuous lack of a more comprehensive English-Hausa dictionary. This gap has now been filled. . . . What makes the dictionary a particularly valuable source for any student of Hausa is the fact that the material presented emanates from sound scholarship. All Hausa data are marked for tone and vowel length, and the grammatical information added to individual entries is both necessary and sufficient for understanding the structure of the Hausa lexicon. . . . [It] must be viewed as a standard work on African lexicography."--Bernd Heine, Word