On Alberti and the Art of Building
  • Jan 11, 1999
    292 p., 8 3/4 x 11
    100 b/w + 50 color illus.
    ISBN: 9780300076158
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Art and Architecture

On Alberti and the Art of Building

  • Robert Tavernor


"Tavernor’s . . . sets out not just to leave us with Alberti’s built production as these fragments of beauty, compromised or clouded by circumstance. With great care and scholarship, he searches for the works as Alberti originally intended, reconstructing them meticulously in electronic images and timber models."—John McKean, Architects' Journal

"Trained as an architect, architectural historian, and linguist, Tavernor is well suited to the study of 15th-century humanist-architect Alberti, offering here the first comprehensive treatment of Alberti’s work since Franco Borsi. . . . [Tavernor] assesses Alberti’s architectural projects, built and unbuilt. He discusses each project beginning with the patron, providing a rich cultural context for each building. . . . [Recommended for] general readers; undergraduates through professionals."—Choice

"Robert Tavenor, in On Alberti and the Art of Building, concentrates on Alberti the architect but attempts to relate his architecture to his other activities and writings. . . . Tavernor is both an architect and a scholar, and his book is the result of some twenty years of research and reflection."—William Curtis, Times Literary Supplement

"This is the last and the best of the books on Alberti on this scale in the twentieth century. . . . Here we have the life and the works, with ground plans and drawings that are marvelously informative even to the layman, important even beside the lovely photographs. . . . It its understanding of a great architect it is worthy of high praise, and in its connecting architectural theories with architectural practice it is the perfect presentation of Alberti."—Chronique