The Tumultuous Fifties
  • Dec 11, 2000
    272 p., 9 5/8 x 11 1/4
    200 duotones + 30 b/w illus.
    ISBN: 9780300088229
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Art and Architecture

The Tumultuous Fifties

A View from the New York Times Photo Archives

  • Douglas Dreishpoon and Alan Trachtenberg; With Nancy Weinstock, Special Projects Picture Editor, The New York Times; Including a contribution by Luc Sante


“The flavour of the times is captured in this collection of 200 images from the archives of The New York Times. . . . Well printed and with scholarly introductions, this is a fascinating book.”—David Clark, Amateur Photographer

The Tumultuous Fifties prompts an experience of the past most notable for its impression of poignant temporal remove. . . . While certainly these are images that address the 1950s and that era’s relationship to the present, they also remind us of a broader photographic effect—the medium’s fraught relationship to time, memory, ephemerality and mortality.”—Steven Skopik, History of Photography