Angels of Death
  • May 11, 2002
    336 p., 6 1/8 x 9 1/4

    ISBN: 9780300094398
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Political Science
Social Science

Copublished with Melbourne University Press

Angels of Death

Exploring the Euthanasia Underground

  • Roger S. Magnusson; With contributions from Peter H. Ballis


“Magnusson is an adept researcher whose collaboration with Peter Ballis has created a complex and multi-layered text that is both effective research and a compelling read. . . . I consider this book as essential reading for anyone concerned with death practices, whatever their current or continuing view on assisted death. . . . Provides a reasoned and compelling set of arguments for future research and social critique.”—Annette Street, Omega

 “Angels of Death breaks new ground in documenting the existence of a euthanasia underground in Australia and the United States. The stories told to Roger Magnusson are sometimes heart-breaking, and sometimes horrifying, but his findings are indispensable reading for everyone debating the legalization of euthanasia, no matter what side they take.”—Peter Singer, author of A Darwinian Left: Politics, Evolution and Cooperation and Rethinking Life and Death

"This is a fine and valuable manuscript. It disturbed and challenged me--as a book on this subject should. Overall the writing is taut, skilful, and very effective, and the authors have made a significant scholarly contribution to what is a growing and more difficult debate."—Janet McCalman, Centre for the Study of Health and Society, University of Melbourne

“A landmark achievement in end-of-life research. . . . No one will read this book without serious doubts being cast on his or her particular position, however strongly it is felt and well grounded it is considered. . . . If this book does not compel professional bodies and politicians to re-enter the debate in a serious way, I wonder whether anything will.”—Malcolm Parker, Monash Bioethics Review

“The absorbing testimonies of health professionals (doctors, nurses, and therapists) involved with euthanasia provide a complex picture of allegiances and motives. These defy any hope of an easy legalistic solution, but might go a long way towards aiding our understanding of the realities of euthanasia in practice and the need for a more coherent social policy on this contentious issue.”—Elke Hausmann, British Medical Journal

"Expose[s] the social practices, relationships, and networks that constitute ’underground’ euthanasia in the U.S. and in Australia. . . . Clearly written, this book is a good basic reader that can catapult both students in the helping professions and seasoned professionals into healthy discussion and social action."—Choice

"Angels of Death is a comprehensive, compelling, and deeply responsible description and analysis of practices in contemporary health care, and it includes an extensive bibliography. A superbly thought-provoking book, it should be read by both opponents and proponents of the legalization of assisted dying. It is here that Angels of Death has its greatest strength, as an importantly ambiguous, litmus-test book."—Margaret P. Battin, New England Journal of Medicine