Designing Type
  • May 19, 2006
    224 p., 8 1/2 x 11
    70 b/w + 100 color diagrams
    ISBN: 9780300111507
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Art and Architecture

Designing Type

  • Karen Cheng


"While there are a number of historical studies of the relationship of letterforms and type design, none of them can be considered as thorough and instructive as Karen Cheng's recent Designing Type. Cheng takes a very complex subject and through a simple design approach and a clear, concise, and informative writing style combined with extraordinarily complementary diagrams and specimens, renders it completely comprehensible. . . . A very well done and handsome book and an invaluable reference destined to be considered a classic in the field."—Ampersand: The Quarterly Journal of the Book Arts

"This book is especially good. Of particular interest are [Cheng's] students impressive attempts to design their own typefaces. Even if one is not a diehard type enthusiast, this is such a strikingly beautiful book that the journey from cover to cover will be well worth the effort."—Roy R. Behrens, Ballast Quarterly Review

"Cheng’s Designing Type is a comprehensive, systematic guide to the complexities of letters and how they fit together. . . . It’s visually ordered and orderly, which helps to organize the complex information and make it accessible. . . . For a practical approach to designing letters today, Designing Type may be the most useful single tool available. It looks like a book that will have a long life."—John D. Berry, Arcade Magazine

"This book provides a meticulous guide to the technical aspects of creating fitting fonts."—Dwell

"With careful examination, the casual reader will not look at print the same way again. To graphic-designers, who specialize in typography, this book is an invaluable reference guide."—Doug Ing, International Examiner

Selected as a 2007 AAUP University Press Book for Public and Secondary School Libraries.