The Art of Robert Frost
Literary Studies

The Art of Robert Frost

  • Tim Kendall


"Clean and lucid--a delight to read - Kendall's readings are astute and well-tempered.  The book is not merely as a fine introduction to Frost, but also an anthology, informed by careful textual scholarship. Frost has found an ideal audience in Timothy Kendall."—Mark Richardson, Doshisha University

“In Professor Kendall's generous selection from Frost's published collections, the voice of the critic is perfectly tuned to that of the poet. Kendall's 'readings' are lucid, persuasive, and blessedly jargon-free. One hopes that others will adopt his brilliant and innovative model when introducing other poets’ Selected Poems."—Jon Stallworthy, Oxford University

"Tim Kendall's critical study of the poetry of Robert Frost gives the sustained close analysis that this great body of work has always deserved. Kendall quotes generously and he explains the structure and texture of individual poems with a subtlety that is equal to the imaginative demands of his subject."—David Bromwich, Yale University

“Tim Kendall brings a fresh look to Frost's poems in this combination of anthology and critical study.”—Shelf Awareness

“[A] joyous new book…an insightful glimpse into 65 of Frost’s most notable poems as well as homage to another era.”—Deseret News

“Kendall’s book is an unusual hybrid, part anthology, part critical study: 65 poems with two or three pages of understated, illuminating commentary about each. It’s a good way to revisit Frost—and, per Frost, revisiting him is precisely what we should do.”—Kathryn Schulz, New York Magazine’s Vulture.com

“Kendall is a masterful critic and teacher. Any fan or student of Robert Frost or of poetry in general should pick this up immediately.”—Library Journal

"[An} immensely pleasurable anthology… Tim Kendall’s commentary is exemplary: locally attentive and widely informed, it should prove both helpful to the newcomer and a good companion to those many readers for whom these striking poems are already a part of their inner landscape."—Seamus Perry, Times Literary Supplement

“A useful and intelligent book . . . a fine introduction to Frost and a thoughtful work of criticism.”—Adam Plunkett, New Republic