Children of the Gulag
  • Feb 23, 2010
    480 p., 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
    29 b/w illus.
    ISBN: 9780300122930
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Social Science

Series Information
Annals of Communism Series

Children of the Gulag

  • Cathy A. Frierson and Semyon S. Vilensky


“A pioneering study.”—Walter Laqueur, editor of The Holocaust Encyclopedia

“An essential addition to the budding scholarship on children in the former Soviet Union and to the growing literature on repression and the Gulag under Stalin.”—Lynne Viola, University of Toronto

"With its rich and interpretive narrative, wide array of sources, and moving photographs, the Frierson and Vilensky volume offers an excellent resource for scholars and students, an essential starting place for research on children's experiences of revolution, civil war, famine, and repression."—Lisa A. Kirschenbaum, The Russian Review

"A significant and sickening book, which… show[s] the stark contrasts between official policies toward Soviet children and their actual experiences."--Anne Applebaum, The New Republic

"Cathy Frierson and Semyon Vilensky have performed a great service in putting so much important material at the command of an English-speaking audience; monumental in size, their book is also a memorial to a particularly heart-wrenching group of Terror’s victims."—Catriona Kelly, Times Literary Supplement

“Children of the Gulag is an illuminating and harrowingly detailed addition to the historiographies of Soviet childhood and repression.”—J. S. Hardy, Slavonic & East European Review, Vol. 89, No. 3

"For its documentary wealth, this collection is undoubtedly an indispensible tool from both the pedagogical and scientific points of view, allowing the historian to grasp useful information for comparing children’s living conditions with those of other totalitarian regimes."—Dorena Caroli, International Journal History of Education and Children’s Literature